Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dr. Christina Paylan Recommends Twilight Sedation For Better Cosmetic Procedure

Whether you want to fix that button nose or want a flat belly, need a face lift or extreme make over, seeking the help of a trained and proficient cosmetic surgeon is a top choice. If you are struggling with any of the above mentioned issues and want to change it, then Dr. Christina Paylan can help you with all of your worries. She can give you the body (or body part) that you like to see in the mirror. Being a qualified and experienced cosmetic surgeon, she follows proper measures to avoid any kind of surgical infection. So, fret not! In fact, she prides herself on having a “zero rate” in surgical infection. Till now, she has performed around 3000 invasive and non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

Having wide knowledge of her area of expertise, Dr. Christina Paylan follows the most unique surgical trait while performing all of her cosmetic surgical procedures i.e. twilight sedation, medically known as MAC (Monitored Anesthesia Care). This is one of the best forms of anesthesia as it not only reduces significant risks associated with anesthesia but also promotes speedy recovery. Dr. Paylan is a firm believer that all cosmetic procedures should be performed with twilight sedation. Besides this, she is always ready to discuss the various procedures involved in the surgery with the patients and also explains the time taken for recovery after the completion of the surgery. She answers every query herself directly and diligently without involving any nurse in between.

Dr. Christina Paylan is not only a trained cosmetic surgeon but also an engaging person who is close to every single one of her patients, which is considered one of her greatest attributes. Her surgery center ‘Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa Bay’ provides a comfortable and relaxed environment to make the rejuvenation experience a positive one. For more information about her and the cosmetic procedures she performs, please feel free to browse through this site

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